4 Ways to Save Money As A Homeowner

Home ownership isn’t always a smooth financial path. After the initial down payment and loans, you need to budget regular monthly expenses as well as have a plan for emergencies. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to stay ahead while minimizing huge expenses. The first step is to make a list of fluctuating expenses. These can include food, travel, home décor, personal items, health expenses, entertainment, and clothing. It’s not like you need to scratch any of those items off your expense list. While categorized in your regular expense budget, their individual costs can change from month to month.

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Homeowner Money Saving Tips

Homeowner Money Saving Tips

Another way to stay ahead is to budget your annual or bi-annual expenses into your monthly bills. For example, if you pay for car insurance bi-annually, calculate how much the monthly bill would be. Add that monthly cost into your budget so you’re not running into a surprise every six months when your bill arrives.

Share household expenses. Think about the home ownership expenses you could share with your neighbors. For instance, if you want to upgrade your backyard with all around fencing, talk with neighboring home owners and ask if they’d like to share the cost with you. It could save them money by splitting one side of the fencing expense. Trash pickup or debris removal costs could also be shared with neighbors. In some areas, the company for trash pickup is chosen by the homeowners. You could combine trash pickup and split the monthly bill. If your neighborhood is participating in an area-wide cleanup, you and your neighbors could split the cost of debris removal from a specialized company.

Share household equipment. Think of big equipment, like a riding mower or driveway pressure washer. Not only do they take up valuable space in your garage, but they can also be expensive to buy. Talk to a couple of your neighbors, and see if they’d like to share the purchase price. You can decide on where to store the equipment, and decide how often each person has access to the equipment. By sharing the purchase and its use, you could buy something more expensive and more efficient than if you were shouldering the entire cost.