All About Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are a creative and effective solution to enhance the outside of your home. Exterior shutters offer many benefits and they are not just visually appealing but some serve an important function as well. Here are the basics you need to know on exterior shutters.

Curb Appeal

Exterior shutters instantly add curb appeal and are a good way to increase home value. They transform your home and add instant gratification for that comfort and home sweet home ambience. Shutters come in a variety of color, material and design. So this is a good time to have fun, be creative and ignite your home design skills.

Functional Exterior Shutters

Functional Exterior Shutters

Protection and Privacy

The sun shines natural light in every day and while the rays are beneficial as they help to light up the room during the day, too much of the sun rays can cause high temperatures and in turn over use the air conditioner, especially during the summer months. Functional or operational exterior shutters offer the ability to close or angle the shutters to block out the scorching heat rays and use less energy.

Apart from protection from the harsh sun rays, exterior shutters can help protect from severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and tropical storms. Exterior shutters will serve as a powerful shield against strong winds. These shutters are ideal for hurricane and severe thunderstorm prone regions.

It is important for home owners to feel safe when home. Exterior shutters can provide optimum privacy. Shutters also serve as security in that if people can’t see in, they have no idea of what’s inside and that is a good mystery to portray.

Home Depot Exterior Shutters

Home Depot Exterior Shutters

Design and Size

Some exterior shutters are ready made and available in different sizes. But some shutters need size adjustment. Moreover, exterior shutters can easily be customized which means more options to choose from with less limitations. Some of the most common materials found on the market are:

Fiberglass exterior shutters can be both functional and non-functional and are used for decorative purpose, to enhance curb appeal and to protect against severe weather. Though a little pricier than wood, fiberglass is the highest quality shutter on the market and ideal for that long lasting, multifaceted investment on home improvement.

Wood Composite exterior shutters are functional and can be utilized to close and open on the hinge. Wood composite shutters are the best of both worlds because they are a combo of high quality synthetics and rustic wood. These shutters are highly versatile, functional, easy to maintain and able to resist fade and erosion.

Vinyl is the most durable and affordable exterior shutters on the market. They are easy to maintain, easy to clean and resistant against the weather. These exterior shutters are very cost effective, come in a variety of colors and will enhance your home for a great price.

Wood Composite Exterior Shutters

Wood Composite Exterior Shutters

Whether to hire a professional

If there is any uncertainty that this project cannot be done DIY then hire an expert. Choose the best expert and find the time to read up on their online reviews. Experts are fully capable, licensed, insured and experienced so they can install exterior shutters with the proper tools and some installers may offer a warranty. Plus you can learn some things along the way for upkeep.


Tools used to install exterior shutters include electric drill, screws and safety gear such as ladders, gloves and protective eyewear. The natural and talented handyman could certainly install all types of shutters without hiring a professional but when in doubt, a licensed and insured expert will be the best option.