Benefits of Having a Vegetable Garden in Your Backyard

No matter what kind of home you live in, chances are you have access to some yard. Even if it’s minuscule, you can still plant a thriving garden. The thing is- why would you want to? It’s easy to go to the grocery store and find plenty of produce. However, I bet you’ve purchased more than a few things only to cut them open and be disappointed once you were at home. Under-ripe watermelons and tomatoes, rubbery cucumbers, potatoes with rot inside or something you just lacked any and all flavor. Those are disappointments you won’t find in your garden.

Start A Garden

Start A Garden

Gourmet Ingredients

One of the most compelling reasons to start a garden of your own, if you love to cook, is the promise of the highest quality ingredients- even thing you can’t find at the local grocery store. In fact, with the right variety, you might discover that your least favorite vegetables aren’t things you have to avoid any longer. For instance, eggplants (also called aubergines) that are white or pink aren’t bitter like the common deep purple varieties.

In fact, many vegetables have been wrongly persecuted for bitterness. When vegetables age and go past their prime they either get sweeter as they break down or dehydrate and turn woody, pungent, and bitter. The produce from your garden won’t have a chance to do that. You get to pick and eat everything at its peak flavor and texture.

Better Nutrition

Speaking of peaks, you won’t find any veggies higher in nutrients that those you grow yourself. The stuff at the store? It’s been as much as two months since it was picked and much of it was ripened in unnatural ways. (Like with gas.)

Vegetables in Garden

Vegetables in Garden

Side Income

No matter where you live, the promise of a little extra cash in addition to all these other benefits no doubt sounds pretty good. You might just make enough to pay all of your gardening expenses for the year by selling to friends and neighbors at discount prices. At the other end, if you intend to make a seasonal business out of your efforts you might make enough to cover your rent for a year.

Your earning potential doubles in areas with year-round growing seasons. If you’re thinking of taking your hobby to the next level, it might be time to check out apartments for rent in West Palm Beach.

Less Waste

When you get most of your family’s food from the garden in your backyard, then you can return all those scraps to the earth. This makes things much easier for next year’s plants. All those scraps will decompose and provide a generous layer of nutrients, perfect for the shallow roots of baby plants.

“No Gym Needed” Exercise

Gardening is great exercise. You can burn more than 300 calories an hour. Also, being out in nature will give you a surplus of Vitamin D, lower any stress-induced high blood pressure, and reduce any tension you happen to be carrying around. When you add that to the benefits we’ve mentioned already, can you think of a healthier hobby?

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Lower Your Grocery Bill

The cost to grow a single tomato plant, when started from seed, is usually less than $2. That one plant could produce as many as 20 pounds of fruit- even in average conditions and grown by a complete beginner. Can you even buy a single pound of tomatoes for that in the store? The same goes for just about every other plant type. Having your backyard vegetable garden is extremely cost effective.

Boost Your Local Ecosystem

If you want to have a beautiful garden as well as one that attracts plenty of pollinators, you may want to plant a few flowers. There are plenty of beautiful, easy to grow varieties that will not only add a decorative element to a well-structured vegetable garden but also provide much-needed support for your local bees. In turn, those bees will help pollinate your vegetable plants and increase your yields.