Best Vintage Design Tips For Your Home

Decorating a space is such a lovely thing to do. Still, not all decorating is simple or done the same way.

Specific styles need to be approached in different ways and when it comes to vintage-style, that’s a real cutie!

After talking to some of the finest interior decorates in the business, we’ve decided to share their wisdom with the readership and help all of the interior decorating enthusiasts out there!

We have singled out some of their most useful advice.

Modern Vintage Wall Decor Ideas

Modern Vintage Wall Decor Ideas

“If you want to go vintage, go vintage all the way. But I don’t mean overwhelming the space with too many details you’ve picked up along as vintage-style elements. What I am trying to say is, study the era properly before you take on such a big project. Truth is, vintage-style is one of the easiest to implement on a space as it has some clear pointers that make it as gorgeous and timeless as it is.” – explains John P. from “R&R décor” and adds “Make your space rich in texture, color and lace – after all, vintage is all about romance and enjoyment!”

“You want to start with the color pallet. Vintage-Style is meek, soft, romantic, tender yet so powerful it cannot omit to make a statement. For an average bedroom, dining room or a living room, I’d recommend opting for eggshell, muted green, yellow, beige, blue, pink and similar warm colors as base. Vintage-Style is known for not having that “in your face” factor yet remaining just as powerful.

Obviously, you can play with your color pallet in various ways. To avoid staying “too safe” mix and match colors and patterns. For instance, choose one main wall that will stand out – decorate it with vintage-styled wallpaper or a colder color than the other walls feature. It sure will make a difference.

Vintage Living Room Design Ideas

Vintage Living Room Design Ideas

Further, vintage-style is known for featuring a lot of flora and fauna in its décor, which is why you can also choose wallpaper in any of these styles. Peacocks, forests, landscapes, flowers, etc. are just some of the ideas you can use for the wallpaper. “- says Patrick D. from decorating services Sydney.

“Remember vintage is all about lace complemented by luxurious details such as pearls, necklaces, interesting perfume bottles, etc. To make your vintage room work, make sure you balance all these elements out. Don’t go overboard with neither. A lacy bed cover or lace curtains will do the trick. No need to add lace pillows, lace tablecloth or any other lace elements to the mix. If you are going to vintage on your bedroom, hang your gorgeous necklaces next to one another on one wall to give the room a luxurious vibe. Arrange perfume bottles on your night stand or beauty stand for added effect. Throw in a few big pillows on the bed, preferably in white or beige color. As for the rug – this is pretty universal, regardless of the room you are decorating – always opt for wall to wall carpets or visible hard wood floors. They add to the overall charm of the space.” – says Susie M, head of NGO “Decorate with Us!”

Vintage Bedroom Design Furniture

Vintage Bedroom Design Furniture

“What I love about vintage-style is that it gives you clear pointers on what to do and what direction to take. It’s going to be lacy, it’s going to be rich in texture, and it’s going to be luxurious! Simple as that! When I work with my clients who want vintage for their home, I always play with light – combining see through pieces of furniture usually made of glass or lucite visually broaden the space and create an amazing effect. If you place just a few see through lamps in corners of the room it will immediately give the space riches it craves. I also adore central pieces or central walls for vintage-styled homes. A central wall is a place where you hang family photos (or any other types of photos), mirrors, and framed motivational quotes, an old vintage clock… It draws attention and looks absolutely stunning!” – said Megan O. from “Arts and Crafts association”.

All of the decorating experts we’ve talked to advise first fixing things around the house before you take on decorating. Check with your plumber whether all plumbing is okay; consult building professionals on the state of your facade or the inside of your home, etc. It would be such a waste to do all the decorating and have everything ruined by a sudden plumbing emergency or else.

We hope the advice gathered helped and that you’ll have much fun redecorating your home!

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