Styling Secrets to A Buffet Furniture

There are few pieces of furniture that remain timeless and have a versatile nature. They provide extra storage, display area and a serving space for the homeowner. These pieces are long, lean and are the best addition to your home. Buffet furniture offers a perfect opportunity to the homeowner for self-expression.

Buffet Furniture

Buffet Furniture

Buffet furniture dates back to the 16th Century and is still very much in use. It is a favorite among the interior designers because it offers a variety of uses and benefits. The buffet can be used as an ad-hoc bar, bookshelf, place for fancy cutlery and Lenin, showpieces and pre-dinner snacks. This furniture piece is usually installed in a dining area and is used for the set-up of serving platters, wine bottles or extra cutlery during a party. When the buffet sideboard is not on the regular duty then it can simply be used as a table to display your favorite vase or showpiece. When you are designing or styling your buffet sideboard, there are no stated rules that you will need to follow. But there are certain tips that will help you to pull a look easily and create an environment that you love.

Add Style to Your Rooms with Buffet Furniture:

Traditional Style

When you want to style the buffet furniture traditionally then you need to select elegant pieces of buffet lamps, preferably tall and thin that provides low light to display the food. You can also install a large scale traditional mirror. A traditional look for buffet styling is always simple and sophisticated. You can update this style easily with the change in season. You can easily switch the tall colorful vase of summer flower for the sterling ice bucket filled with fall gourds. The plain linen lampshades can be changed with pattern ones for holidays and spring. If you keep your buffet sideboard low-slung and wide then it will provide a perfect place for display. Fruit baskets, flower vase, designer showpieces, large scale art anything can be displayed on the table or against the wall. If you are hosting a special party or celebrating a special occasion then it is a perfect time to display classic candles, use the sideboard as a dessert table or decorate it with white and red! This sideboard can be used in the dining area or the living room but it essentially remains a table of self-expression!

Styles Buffet Furniture

Styles Buffet Furniture

Modern Style

If you are a modernist at heart then you would completely relate to this style. The white lacquered buffet furniture would first pop into your mind. You can mix and match a few items from the traditional look to make it even more interesting like using a pair of lamps, or other accessories. A statement mirror can also be hung upon the sideboard wall for the best effect. In a modern style, you must never match each and every aspect. Use different pieces for an interesting look. If you want to play it right then you know that there needs to be less décor on the display table and more on the wall. The design that you create must incorporate the sideboard as punctuation and not as the focus. If you are placing the buffet in your living room then it has so many other uses like storage for electronics, toys, books etc.

You can use it behind the sofa with the table decorated with a reading lamp, flower vase, family photos, books etc. It can also be a mini bar when you have unexpected guests at your house if you have wine bottles and extra glasses stored inside.

In the end, buffet furniture has multiple uses and it is apt for filling up the odd space in your house. The long empty walls that demand attention, buffet sideboard fits everywhere.