Cool Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Appear More Spacious

The kitchen is the most frequented room in most homes, yet many kitchens are somewhat cramped, confined spaces which are difficult to navigate when cooking and don’t lend themselves very well to entertaining either.

Major kitchen remodelling projects, despite having the potential to make their kitchens much more spacious, generally aren’t advisable, unless the homeowner has absolutely no plans whatsoever to sell their home and relocate within the next five to ten years.

This is because major kitchen remodelling projects are expensive and homeowners generally find it difficult to recuperate a decent enough percentage to justify the expenses incurred; additionally, they also run the risk of pushing the value of their property above average local property prices, thus making it difficult arouse the interest of potential homebuyers and get a decent price for their property.

Warminster Cream Kitchen Cameo

Warminster Cream Kitchen Cameo

However, a major kitchen remodelling project isn’t necessarily in order to make your kitchen look and feel more spacious, as there are a number of cool tricks that you can use to enhance the feeling of spaciousness in your kitchen and make it a more inviting place to prepare meals and entertain.

Use Colour to Trick the Eye

For small kitchens white is an obvious choice because it brightens up the room so effectively – the brighter rooms are the more spacious they feel – but what if white’s not a colour that sits well with you?

Not everyone’s fussed on white as a colour for decorating, plus it has a tendency to become dirty quite quickly, though there are a wide range of other colours you can use, most notably cool colours.

Cool colours like blue, green and purple are an excellent choice for kitchens and other small rooms homeowners are trying to make more spacious, because cool colours appear as though they’re moving away from the eye, which is the opposite of warm colours that appear as though they’re moving towards it, therefore making for a more confined space.

Modern Orchard Kitchen Ideas

Modern Orchard Kitchen Ideas

Let There Be Light

White works well because it’s bright and bright spaces appear more spacious, and the same principle applies to light, so let there be ample light in your kitchen and enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Natural light is the best choice, though if your kitchen is deprived of as much natural light as you’d like to let flood in, you’ll need to look at your lighting options. With the right lighting options, your kitchen will not only feel more spacious, but more ambient and easier to cook in to boot.

Opt for Glass Cabinets

Like light, the more glass the better, within reason of course. Glass cabinets and shelves make kitchens feel far more spacious, though as they’re inherently functional items, this important consideration can’t be overlooked.

Glass cabinets and shelves help to open up the kitchen, especially with a healthy amount of natural light flooding in during the day and well-positioned lighting, like spot lighting, used in the evenings and at night.

If you’re not keen on replacing your old cabinets and shelves with glass items, sand them down and paint them a bright white or a cool colour, as mentioned earlier, something along the lines of a cool blue, green or purple.

Kitchen Furnishing Ideas

Kitchen Furnishing Ideas

Streamlined Furniture with Small Footprints

As a general rule, freestanding furniture and small kitchens don’t mix, though not everyone’s fussed on fixed furniture and indeed some of the most attractive kitchen furniture is of the freestanding variety.

Streamlined furniture with small footprints is your best option regarding freestanding furniture because large furniture is physically bulky and takes up floor space which might be in short supply, plus it’s also visually bulky and gives the impression of less space to move about in.

Build Up Not Out

Wall space is valuable real estate in cramped kitchens where space is in short supply, so as a general rule, wherever possible build up not out.

This often entails adding extra shelves above existing cabinets and shelves. Shelves are generally a better choice than cabinets as they’re open and give the illusion of a more expansive space; additionally, if feasible, opt for floating shelves over shelves with brackets, as brackets have a tendency to add visual weight.

Cameo Kitchen Ideas

Cameo Kitchen Ideas

Keep the Kitchen Clutter-Free

Clutter is visual weight, that’s something most homeowners unanimously agree on, so keep your kitchen as clutter free as possible. This is a handy tip for homeowners who can’t afford to make changes to their bench tops, for instance replacing dark bench tops with light ones, plus there are many benefits to keeping seldom used kitchen items out of sight, such as reducing the need to clean them so frequently.

Whilst you might find that you need to completely remodel your kitchen to make it feel more spacious, it’s often the case that just one or two alterations will do the trick!

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Juliet Martin is writing freelance for a UK-based company whose staff has more than 70 years of combined experience in kitchen installation and design. Cameo Kitchens is a specialist in appliances from AEG, Bosch, Franke, Britannia, Neff, and other big brands.