A Complete List Of Decorating Trade Supplies For Your Home Painting Project

Giving a fresh coat of paint is the fastest and the most cost effective way of updating your home. Before you begin with your house painting project, you need to make sure that you have the right Decorating trade supplies required for completing this task in a professional manner. There are many stores online that provide you with a wide range of painting supplies at affordable prices. However, you need to choose the right painting tools to transform your home into a colorful and stunning dwelling place. Let us see some of the important painting supplies that you may need for carrying out your painting project.

Home Painting Project

Home Painting Project


Basically, there are two types of painting brushes available- one with synthetic bristles and another with natural bristles. Synthetic brushes are used for applying latex paints while the natural bristles are used for alkyd or oil based paints. You must remember that the smooth finish depends mostly on the bristles you opt for. So, getting a high quality brush is extremely important.


Similar to paint brushes, the rollers are also available in two forms- natural and synthetic. The natural rollers are made with lambs wool or mohair and are best to be used for oil based paints. The synthetic rollers are made with polyester, nylon or the combination of both and can be used for water based paints. These decorating trade supplies are available in various shapes, sizes and widths and you can choose the one based on the area you paint.

Painting Tools

Painting Tools


This is another painting tool that you may require for painting in tight spots. They are available in a wide spectrum of sizes and shapes. They are designed to hold a little quantity of paint than the traditional rollers and brushes we use. However, it should be used very carefully to get the job done perfectly.

Power Painters And Sprayers:

These are some of the most important decorating trade supplies you may need for painting your home. These power painters are available in electric, cordless and gas powered models and you can choose the one based on your requirement. For DIY project, you can use airless units whereas the professionals use stationary paint sprayers and compressed air systems. The applicators can be found in different sizes with various types of rollers, brushes and spray nozzles.

Painting Project

Painting Project


This is the most important thing that you require for making your home more appealing. First of all, you need to determine the right color for every room and then proceed with your purchase. Taking preferences of your family members is also important while choosing the paint color. Different types of paints are available and so, getting suggestions from professionals is highly recommended.

Other Necessary Supplies:

There are several other decorating trade supplies that you may need for painting your home perfectly. They include drop cloths, step stool, painter shield, extension handle, tray and painters tape. These accessories should be of very high quality so that you can finish of the painting task with utmost perfection.