How Rustic Home Designs Look Better Than Modern Ones

When it comes to interior design, rustic styles have a timeless and classic quality that remains ever popular.

Rustic charm brings a touch of warmth, authenticity and personality into your home, whether you go for a few simple touches or an all-encompassing rustic feel throughout.

Whilst modern, sleek and polished interiors bring clean lines and simplicity, its rustic styles that help bring out the true heart of your home.

Rustic Home Interior Design with Masonry Firerock Fireplace Ideas

Rustic Home Interior Design with Masonry Firerock Fireplace Ideas

Rustic interior design can take many forms. It may be that you want to inject some charm into an otherwise bland property. Perhaps you have a period property that will benefit from sympathetic rustic style ideas to bring out its best features.

The perfect rustic accessories

The right accessories can add much needed character. A delightful selection of wall art and prints can instantly bring a rustic touch. Prints with reclaimed wooden frames have an instant authenticity, for example.

Another way to add rustic accents is by using cushions and throws in the living room and bedrooms. The kitchen is also an excellent place to go rustic with your accessories. Try beautiful hand painted jugs, bowls, mugs, cups, trays and tiffin in various colours and designs.

The value of getting the lighting right in your home is increasingly recognized. This can be anything from a simple tea light or candle to a bold lamp or light shade.

Tea lights are perfect for introducing ambience to a room and simple silver or glass etched holders let the light flicker delicately. These are great for indoors and out. An antique lantern holder is perfect for less balmy evenings.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

Back inside, tripod lamps bring character whilst standing spotlights are a confident rustic choice. Hanging down lighters and spotlights are ideal for cozy kitchen suppers; just add rustic dishes to complete the experience.

Storage is vital in any home. Try blanket boxes, trunks and even suitcases to keep your treasured possessions out of sight in rustic style.

Other finishing touches include wall clocks, which truly bring timeless charm to a room and rustic mirrors that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are ideal for hallways, living rooms and bedrooms.

Rustic furniture

If you want to be bolder with your rustic interior design, you can move beyond just accessories and into some stunning but simple furniture. Every room in your home can benefit from a rustic flavor.

Bold but subtle furniture choices include cabinets, drawers, cupboards and sideboards. Whether you are looking for a living room display cabinet, dining room storage or a bedroom cupboard, there is a rustic style choice for you.

Rustic Modern Contemporary Dining Table

Rustic Modern Contemporary Dining Table

These items perfectly complement original wooden floors, as do reclaimed timber dining tables, which are subtle statement pieces for any kitchen or dining room. An occasional chair or chaise longue adds a touch of rustic elegance.

Other ideas for rustic furniture include desks, bedside tables, side tables and bookcases, all of which will add rustic charm to any room.