Keeping Your Office Environmentally Friendly

Companies all over the world are changing certain things in the office in order to become more environmentally friendly. With natural resources running out quickly, it’s easy to see why we need to be more careful, both at home and in the office. Many Canadian companies are keen to save the planet, and some have even won awards for being green, such as Bayer Canada and ICBC. Here are some things that you can do to help your office become more friendly towards the environment.

1. Build links with other businesses

By building links with other businesses, you’re making it even easier to achieve your environmental goals. Don’t get too close to companies that are big competitors of your business, but link up with companies that could complement yours. For example, if you’re selling trade show promotional products, try to build links with a business which is manufacturing and selling clothes. Together you can both try to get the products made in a more environmentally friendly manner, and contacting the company Fairtrade could ensure that you help everybody to get a fair wage.

Eco-Friendly Office

Eco-Friendly Office

2. Host events and fundraising days

You don’t have to host a massive event in the office, but having a dress-down day for your employees could be a good idea. Get everybody to bring a donation for a certain environmental company, such as Green Peace, and see how much money you can raise in a day. You could even have a bake sale, jumble sale or pub quiz too if you have the time and energy to plan it. A good way to raise money and to promote your business too is to hold a local sponsored event and get all your staff and customers involved. You could even try and break a world record for the most balloons popped, the most people singing at once or the most hamburgers ate in five minutes!

3. Don’t waste products

Apart from raising awareness, raising money and building ties with other businesses in order to do some good in the world, one of the most practical things that you can do is simply make sure that you don’t waste any products while you’re in the work place. If you’re constantly using more paper than is necessary, printing more things that you really need to and using paper documents where you could easily email them instead, you’re not doing much to help the planet. Have a recycling basket to recycle and reuse anything recyclable. This could include paper cups, plastic cups, and sheets of paper, packaging and cardboard. Get everybody in the office to make a conscious effort not to waste any products, and apart from saving the business money, you’ll help the environment too.