The Various Ways to Light up Your Garden

There are many people who would love to enjoy their cup of tea and read in between the greenery in their backyard. For this purpose there must be provision to light up the garden and make it attractive. It should look like a heavenly place, a place where hours can spend to relax. In order to do so, lights need to be put in the right spots. The grace of the garden also increases with the right kind of light at the right spot. The charm of these pools or plants in your garden will be increase with appropriate lighting. Choice of materials like glass oil lanterns at garden areas makes them more radiant. Another benefit of lighting up the garden area is security. A lightened up area is much safer from threats of thieves and other such unwanted elements. There are many options of lighting, such as:

Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape Lighting Design

• Bright floodlights that lightens up a large area.

• Spot lights are not that common though. But garden having large plants or sculptures or other artistic elements might like to use these kinds of lights.

• Up lighting is used for light up garden trees and walls or statues.

• Down lighting is a fixed kind of lighting, where light falls directly from a height.

• Moonlighting is used for an effect of moonlight in our garden that beautifies and creates dramatic scenery.

• Shadowing is fixing up lights on the surface of the lawns or wall or even strong plants. It has magical effect on the garden beauty.

• Accent lighting is used to light up small areas decorate specific areas of the garden.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

• Spread lighting is used to illuminate larger objects of a garden like fountains or flower beds. This increases the pleasure of walking in the garden.

• Cross lighting is a method of lighting up selected elements of a garden.

These are the few trendy lighting used up that enhances the grace of the garden. The latest trend is though lighting up with solar lights.