Tips To Stay Active This Winter And Revamp Your Garage

A lot of people find themselves a bit inactive during winter time, with nothing to do, but to stay at home. If you are in this kind of situation, you should consider cleaning up your garage, and make it more efficient. Luckily for you, these are simple tasks, and you can perform those on our own. In order to successfully exploit extra free time, follow these guidelines.

Clean Your Garage

Clean Your Garage


Main trouble, connected with garages, is the lack of free space. It seems so at the first sight, but, in fact, it is caused with tools and items not being placed where they should be. In time, it seems to you as if the garage got smaller. Be clever and make a decision on what you are going to use for real, and what you just move from place to place. See if there are any items you borrowed from friends and neighbors, and return those. Not only that you will free up space, but maybe you will return an item that had been searched for. If you have several closets for storing different tools and equipment, feel free to take everything out, clean it up, and sort back in. You need tools to be at hand, and yet transparent, so you don’t need to go through all other things. A good tip is to use your walls the best you can, so you can make a board with simple nails hammered in, so you can hang smaller pieces of tools there. On the other hand, bigger tools such as leaf blowers can be hanged on a beam, providing you have a hook that is strong enough, or put somewhere in a closet, for that specific piece of equipment is not used often. Wheelbarrows, shovels, hoes, axes and brooms can be put together in a corner, so it won’t get in your way.


Also, this would be a good time to fix up and patch possible cracks in the walls, drafty windows and doors, for winter will provide you with the wind, and you can easily find the source of the draft. Additionally, leaky windows or squeaky door hinges is something you can consider doing, in order to improve your garage. Moreover, if you have electric entry doors, you will agree that those after a while start to bang, squeak and scrape, and it can be quite irritating. Feel free to fix those also, for it will not only stop bothering you, but also prolong its lifetime. Be careful, though, when tinkering with the electricity, for if you have the slightest doubt and fear, better call the electrician, for the electricity is dangerous. According to the emergency plumbing company from Sydney, it is very important to check pipes and insulation when remodeling.

Revamp Your Garage

Revamp Your Garage


With all the unnecessary items set aside, think what you could do with those. Instead of throwing away, you can find new appliances. For example, cracked broom handle can be cut off, and hanged on two hooks, and in that way, you got yourself strong hanging spot, where you can put heavier tools, even wheelbarrows. Additionally, empty cans are quite thankful, for you can make out of bigger ones flower pots, while the smaller ones can be reused for storing screws and bolts. Just use pincers first to flatten sharp edges left after removing the lid. Moreover, if you bought yourself new working desk, don’t throw away the old one. Remove everything, and leave clean upper panel. Grab your hammer, and if you lack nails, you can always find them in a local tools shop. Hammer in nails in a regular grid, and hang it on a wall. In that way, you got already mentioned place to hang variety of lighter tools. Just be sure that you fixed it tight on the wall, so it won’t fall off. And, in addition, if you have several smaller barrels that you don’t use, put on round wooden shapes and you got yourself a set of stools, which are quite convenient to use. If, by any case, your window glass is broken, think of using old glass bottles in variety of colors, and fill in the gaps with plaster of mortar. In that way you got yourself a nice stained glass.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, I hope that your imagination is already kicking in, and you know what else you could do. In reality, there are no limits for you, and the only thing you really need is the will to carry out all of your imagined tasks.

Damian Wolf is a writer and passionate home improvement DIY hobbyist. He loves to write about personal home improvement projects, and about how to help small business owners. When he’s not too occupied with work, Damian likes to travel with family or barbecue with close friends.